Let Forgiveness Bloom

With Mercury in retrograde, you may notice a less than perfect version of yourself reacting strongly to mishaps and incidents in your life. Whether because you have trouble getting to your destination, an argument with a co-worker, or just an adverse reaction to something trivial, you probably had a moment that made you stop and say, “Hey, who was that just then? Why did I react that way?”

When you feel this way, take some deep, cleansing breaths.  Breath in life force energy and breath out all the feelings of anger, hostility or just general blah. There are some very valuable lessons to be learned while Mercury is in retrograde because it asks us to look into unresolved issues and energies. Communication often goes awry because we don't take the time to think before we speak. Forgiving yourself for any resentments or quick judgments is a very powerful way to use this period of retrograde to your advantage. The spiritual tool below is a way to release energies that cause us to act in ways that are not authentic to our Higher Self.  Remember the old adage, "April Showers Bring May Flowers"; in this case we know the flowers of forgiveness bloom forever.


purple tulip Garden of Forgiveness

For this ritual you will need deep purple tulip bulbs, a container or area in your garden, fresh soil, a small collection of items that represent your shame and guilt (you can include photographs, drawings, objects, etc.), a yellowish green marker or crayon and some paper.

On a Monday, create a sacred space, call in your Higher Self and with the marker or crayon, write out your feelings. Allow yourself to purge all the emotions you denied for so long. Write about the pain, the darkness, the shame... write until there is nothing left to write. When you are done, take what you have written along with the objects and place them out in the Sun. For the next few days be gentle with yourself as you feel the Sun's rays purify and disintegrate the negative energies that once controlled you.

On the following Thursday, take your letter, objects, plant and soil and in sacred ceremony call upon Mother Earth to guide you in forgiveness. Dig a hole deep enough for your tulip bulbs and the objects, then one by one say good-bye to each item and place it in the hole. As you place the object, feel yourself releasing any cords or ties you once had. Put your letter in last and as you cover the objects with a layer of dirt, feel your heart swell with love and compassion. Your final step is to plant the tulips over these objects, letting Mama Gaia take away your pain through your commitment to new life.

In time, with care, your plant will grow and bloom. With each new tulip, you will be reminded of the natural beauty that grows from the bulb buried in the dark soil. When the season is over, your plant will complete its cycle and die, returning to the Earth. It is then that your cycle of forgiveness will be complete. All that will remain will be the beautiful memories and much love.


Excerpt from Is forgiveness a state of being or state of doing? on Inspirations from Binah.  If you are looking for advice on a specific question, receive personalized, spiritual advice via my advice forum Inspirations from Binah.


Sincere forgiveness isn't colored with expectations that the other person apologize or change. Don't worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them. Life feeds back truth to people in its own way and time. -Sara Paddison


-yvette Soler